Hair transplant fraud is more common now than ever before. One of the biggest hair transplant frauds that is easy to detect is that of photographic theft. As ridiculous as it may sound, there are a lot of clinics that steal images from other more established and reputable clinics to simply build up their own photo galleries. They don’t have the experience or the skillset to create their own legitimate and attractive photo galleries, so they steal from others. The problem with detecting this kind of hair transplant fraud is that it is time consuming. Hair Transplant Fraud dot com is here to help.

Hair Transplant Fraud dot com will be updated as new cases of hair transplant fraud are discovered but this is also a group effort. The more people that are on the lookout for problems, the more people will be saved from unscrupulous clinics. To do this, we have set up a hair trasnplant fraud awareness module that allows readers to upload and link to fraudulent hair transplant clinics posting stolen photos, and the original clinic source where they came from. This way viewers can see direct comparisons with proof that the offending clinic has stolen the photos.

Recently Reported Clinics

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